Since 1993

Confront Nature

Thistl exists to focus humanity's ingenuity toward the preservation and the enjoyment of our environment.

We design and source eco-friendly products, while helping to develop and promote sustainable manufacturing practices.

We invest to increase public lands and to promote its availability for the health and enjoyment of future generations.

We advocate for the responsible use of the Earth's ecosystems and resources.

We support like-minded organizations, with a percentage of all profits being donated to organizations dedicated to environmental protection.



Eco-Friendly Products

Nature should be enjoyed, and we want to explore it in a way that helps to protect it. Our products are designed with this in mind.

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Land Investment

We invest in raw land. We then work to find sustainable uses for that land, and identify preservation opportunities.

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Environmental Advocacy

We explore new ideas in preservation, and champion those who do the same. Keep in touch so we can share what we find.

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Stay Connected

As Thistl continues to evolve, we will be blogging about our product research, our land conservation activities, and about important topics in the area of environmental protection. Check it out to stay connected.